Shapes and Shades Dance Company/ Nomy Lamm

Magical Bodies

shapes and shades 2

Written by Nomy Lamm

Choreographed by Megan Briceno

Performed by Marianne Mojica, Fernando Miguel, Paula McKay,  Megan Briceno

Photos by Barry Ebner


Nomy Lamm is a writer, musician and voice teacher who currently lives in San Francisco.  Her work “Book of Rules: A Girl’s Guide to Doing What You’re Told” was originally published as a zine and read on tour with Sister Spit in 1999.  These excerpts were recorded for Nomy’s 2000 album, Anthem, and later  published in Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution (ed. Alex Olsen, Seal Press, 2007) and in Phati’tude Literary Magazine in 2010. Nomy is thrilled to have  the oppurtunity to see dancing bodies give her work new life.

Megan Briceno is the Director and Choreographer for Shapes & Shades Dance Company. She is also a company member of EmFATic Dance and is working on her second choreography for that company . Megan is senior dance major at CSU East Bay and is excited to graduate this Spring. She is thankful for the support of her husband Nev Briceno and her very  hard working dance fam. 

Shapes and shades 1

Shapes and Shades Dance Company: Our focus is to promote body positivity and diversity in dance by creating art on bodies of all shapes and shades.

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