Ryan Hill


Written and performed by Ryan Hill

Photos by Barry Ebner


Ryan Hill was born and raised in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin. He is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre in Minneapolis and served as Artistic Director until 2013. He studied at Hamline University in St. Paul before heading to Berlin to work within the experimental theater community. After Germany, he moved to New York and continued writing (including The Ferry, a 2004 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival winning play) and performing. He is an alumnus of Robert Wilson’s Watermill summer program in Long Island, and appeared in the U.S. premiere of the Wilson/Tom Waits musical version of Woyzeck at Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2002. Life brought him back to the Midwest in 2003 and he co-founded Sandbox Theatre a year later. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET). In 2013, he moved to the East Bay, where he has occasionally taught at Oakland School for the Arts.


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